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Buffalo Wedding Marketplace is a spot where you can book all of your wedding vendors in one place. We do not provide all of these services ourselves, but rather have a collective of professionals for you to choose from. Book two or more of our vendors and save big! We have wedding videography, wedding photography, wedding DJ and even a travel agent for your honeymoon. Come visit us at 910 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Buffalo to meet some of the best vendors in the region. If you are planning your Buffalo Wedding, look no further. Our collective includes a photographer, videographer, DJ, travel agent and more. Contact any of our vendors below to make an appointment.

910 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Buffalo, New York 14223
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Video is the only way to re-live your perfect day. Want to listen to the speeches again, or see his face when he sees you for the first time? Black Horse Videography has you covered.

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Photography is essential when planning a wedding. It is one of the most time-honored traditions. To get your dream photographer meet Michelle Day.

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A DJ can make or break your wedding reception. H&H Entertainment is one of the top companies in Buffalo. Make sure your dance floor is filled all night. H&H can deliver outstanding service.

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Travel Agent

Planning a honeymoon? Use the help of an experienced Travel Agent and save a bundle. With Trips Ahoy Vacations, you don't have to worry about anything going wrong. Prepare for smooth sailing.

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Michelle Day is a Professional Photographer with a soft and organic touch. Working with her is seamless and she has a way of making her couples feel at ease. You won't be disappointed with Michelle. 


Looking for an amazing wedding videographer? Photos and Video are the only two things you will have left after your wedding day. Black Horse Videography has a cinematic style that will allow you to re-live your day over and over again.

Save money and have peace of mind when you book your honeymoon with Trips Ahoy.

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910 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo, Erie County 14223 USA

Black Horse Videography

Michelle Day Photography

H&H Entertainment

Trips Ahoy Vacations

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Having the right DJ for your reception is the difference between having a good party and a great one. When looking for a wedding DJ, know that H&H is among the best in the business. H&H can ensure that your night goes smoothly when it is in their hands. They handle everything from the MC of your event to the careful planning of your playlists. H&H's customer service is also unmatched by any DJ company in the country. Check their reviews to see for yourself.

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